Wraps & Kimonos

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Wraps and Kimonos

Nicestore.info keeps your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest fashions at affordable prices you can't beat! The iconic kimono is a fashion-worthy layering essential we make a permanent home for in our closet. Mainly worn during the spring and summer seasons, we've seen the fashion industry carry them into the fall and winter months by wearing long sleeves underneath. Wraps and kimonos essentially drape over the shoulders and are worn as an outer layer, giving your outfit a flowy silhouette. Usually made with lightweight, fine fabrics, kimonos are a beautiful transition piece to fashionably take your outfit into the next season. Wraps and kimonos can go with anything you already have in your closet, and with so many trending styles available, you can never have too many options to choose from! Nicestore.info has both a classic and trendy selection of wraps and kimonos to shop from with budget-friendly prices. Stand out in a gorgeous floral print or a saturated color and make the kimono the star of your outfit. Go for a boho chic look by layering a tie dye print kimono over a crop top with denim cutoffs. Try trendy details, such as fringe, tassels or lace, or add a little embellishment with embroidery or beading. Go for a clean and classy look with a solid, neutral color and a longer length. Kimonos can be worn over your bathing suit like a cover-up and even tied in the front with shorts to reach your poolside destination. The versatility and endless variety of styles make wraps and kimonos one of our favorite pieces of all time. Shop the latest fashions in our Wraps and Kimonos Collection at Nicestore.info.