What Is A
Boutique Bundle?

We asked our customers
why they had not purchased a fashion subscription box before...
And this is what they said!

"I'm picky and I know  
what I want" -M

"I don't spend that kind of money
on myself on a regular basis" -L

"I'm not really into
  commitment" -B


                                Whats Your Purpose?                          

                            Gift? or Guilty Pleasure?                              
                  Either way, add your box to the cart
                      by choosing your box's objective  
                            with a hand picked note!

                          Once you add your $5 box
                              to the cart, the whole
                                  store is now 30% off
                                  for your bundle!  
                        *quantity requirements 3-6 items                            

Step #2
Build Your
Boutique Bundle!

Start shopping in the boutique to fill up your bundle!
Once you've selected your theme by putting your box into the cart,
you're ready to be shopping toward your discount!

Pick out a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 items
to add to your box and enjoy
30% off anything you have chosen for your BB!

What if you like surprises?
Maybe you
want our stylists to put together
a look just for you or your loved one!
No problem! We have that covered too!
Just choose the "Box By Lotus"option
and we will put together a box
that won't disappoint!

On boutique bundles that you choose, it will be our normal ship times; If you place your order before 12pm CST we will ship it out the same day. Otherwise, it will ship the next day.

If you have ordered a "Box By Lotus" we will ship it out the next day after your order.

And because your bundle will be over $30 They all ship free!

Boutique Bundles are special, even though your bundled items were discounted, you may return for store credit only. We must receive your return request within 3 days of receipt of your bundle and we will waive the "discount

items restocking fee. You are expected to get the items back to us and then we will process your store credit. Jewelry items are not returnable, for more information on our return policy CLICK HERE

We are already working on that! Our team is busy working on the logistics and we should be up and running by April 1ST!

Your discount will show in your cart once you have added your third item! You must have the box in the cart and then 3 items also in the cart for the bundle discount to activate!